Late Appointment Policy

At EJC Dentistry, we place high importance on our patients' time, and strive to run on time for all appointments. In the occurrence we are running behind time, a team member will make every effort to inform patients, to reduce any inconvenience. In order to provide timely service to our patients, we ask that you place importance on arriving promptly for your appointment.

Arriving late will rob you of precious treatment minutes as each session will be finished exactly on time as a courtesy to our next patient. We fully understand that sometimes being late is outside of your control. We will always do our best to accommodate late arrivals by performing the most complete treatment possible in the time remaining. Unfortunately, arriving too late to perform treatment may result in a cancellation charge.

Cancellation Policy

EJC Dentistry will make every attempt to schedule your appointments at your convenience. When you make an appointment with us, that time is reserved exclusively for you. Whenever possible, we try to contact patients in advance to remind them of their upcoming appointments. If you do not receive a reminder call, your appointment remains your responsibility. To reschedule an appointment, please provide 2 full business days’ notice.

This allows us to offer your appointment to someone else who may need urgent treatment. Since we turn away other patients to hold your appointment, any missed appointments or cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will result in a cancellation charge which must be paid prior to your next appointment.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding which will help to maintain a healthy and successful practice.

HealOzone Policy

At EJC Dentistry, we use a special machine called HealOzone, which generates ozone gas around a tooth before it is restored (filled) or a crown placed. This high-tech service is above and beyond the normal time, responsibility and materials costs generally associated with fees in the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide. For this reason, we have a $15 surcharge, per tooth on restorations (fillings) completed. This fee is often not covered by dental insurance, but is an important part of Dr. Chithalen’s philosophy of “minimally invasive” and tooth conservative dentistry.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about the HealOzone or any other services we provide.

Payment Policy

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards, Personal Cheques and Cash.

We are a "Fee for Service" Dental Office. This means that we ask that patients pay for their dental treatment on the day of their appointment.

We will, of course, process any insurance information you may have and will submit this information to your insurance company electronically whenever possible so you can be re-imbursed as quickly as possible.